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01296 487 400

Diesel Injection are proud to be a Bosch Diesel Centre. It means we're tested to Bosch specifications, and use genuine parts, and Bosch exchange units. By using our service you'll also have access to Bosch technical support, and your Bosch warranty will remain valid.


As diesel vehicles continue to grow their market share across all segments, the importance of having the best servicing and repair equipment for diesel technology, such as that in Bosch Diesel Centres, has never been greater.


Injector tolerances have become much tighter in recent years compared to 30 years ago. The tolerance levels were 100 microns (the width of a human hair).


Now the critical measurements and settings required during rebuild can be as small 1 micron, equivalent to 0.001mm.


The effect of not working within these precise tolerances can be:

  •    Engine rattle during acceleration

  •    Difficulty in starting the engine

  •    Excessive exhaust smoke

  •    Reduced performance

  •    Increased emissions

How a Bosch Diesel Centre can help you

  •    Highly qualified and regularly trained technicians

  •    Diesel workshop and state-of-the-art test equipment

  •    Tested to Bosch specifications

  •    Specialist knowledge in vehicle diagnostics

  •    Only genuine parts used in repair

  •    Bosch exchange units available e.g. Piezo CRI

  •    Bosch warranty and technical support

Benefits of trading with a Bosch Diesel Centre

Choose a Bosch Diesel Centre for professional technicians, state of the art equipment and first class service.

Call: 01296 487 400

“We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and will match any quote for repair or exchange units on a like for like basis".